Women dating Bornholm

Women dating Bornholm
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No fewer than 2,350 were found at the settlement of Sorte Muld on the Danish island of Bornholm, while over 100 were found at Lundeborg, near Gudme on the Danish island of Funen, and 122 at Uppåkra, Scania, Sweden.

Relatively few gullgubber have so far been found in Norway, although 19 were found during excavations at Vingrom church in Oppland between 20, and the distribution of finds may be affected by modern circumstances as much as the political situation at the time they were laid down.

The simple pulpit is the work of Anders Jensen (1845).

The thinking is that the deposition of the gullgubber was intended to ensure fertility, From historical sources, for example, we know that the Yngling line traced its ancestry to Fjölnir, son of Gerðr and Freyr.

Recent finds have somewhat changed the view of gullgubber.

They date to the late Iron Age, from the end of the Migration Age to the early Viking Age, particularly what is referred to in Norway as the Merovingian era, in Sweden as the Vendel era, from 550 to about 800, but can be hard to date because they are often found in contexts that do not establish date.

It seems likely that they replaced bracteates, which require far more metal, after obtaining gold from the Byzantine Empire became difficult.

They consist of thin pieces of beaten gold (occasionally silver), usually between 1 and 2 sq. in size, usually stamped with a motif, and are the oldest examples of toreutics in Northern Europe.

The word gullgubbe means "little old man of gold" and is taken from a report published in 1791 by Nils Henrik Sjöborg, Approximately 3,000 gullgubber have been found, from approximately 30 sites in Norway, Sweden, and the greatest number in Denmark.A common interpretation of the motif of the man and woman on the gullgubber is that it symbolises the sacred marriage between the Vanir-god Freyr and the jötunn Gerðr, which we know of from the Eddic poem Skírnismál.Some have interpreted the tree branch as a reference to the grove, Barri, where Gerðr agrees to meet Freyr; others have noted its resemblance to the Garden Angelica, a plant associated with fertility.There are traces of earlier windows in the apse and chancel although they have now been bricked up.The nave originally had two windows on either side but that at the northwestern end is the only one which still exists. Join Mingle2today and start browsing fun-seeking men and women for FREE.