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Gondolas glide on the water in which people flee to seek coolness on hot days.Instead of straight walkways, winding paths lead over bridges with gracefully decorated handrails, past romantic garden pavilions and painted garden sculpture looking down from raised pedestals.Paulin's College and decorated with two church windows and a Gothic portal as a romantic park motif.

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In their first semester, students attend the following three modules: "Economics" (lectures on advanced micro- and macroeconomics), "Econometrics" and "Economic Policy-Making".

In the second and third semesters, students attend modules in "Economic Governance in Europe", "Economic Policies", "Global Governance", "International Economics", "Energy, Climate and Environment" and "East Asian Political Economy".

Students are trained to get an in-depth understanding of current topics and research in comparative and international political economy by using qualitative and quantitative advanced social science research methods.

Students can choose among a wide range of topics related to e.g.

A millstone of basalt, now used as a stone table, harks back to this past era.

The stone is burdened apparently by the curse of never being able to enjoy the deserved peace of old age.Despite certain changes in the last 200 years, Nell's Park has preserved much of its naturalness and originality.From the heyday of the park, the estate stable is preserved, which was built with material from the demolished St.With green houses, vines and peach trees, in fact, all forms of fruit and espalier trees, Nell's Park was a model estate for gardening and agriculture. Historically, the park, as mentioned above, belongs to the early Romantic, sentimental style.The classic English landscape gardens developed only later to a complete expression of prevailing taste. We have the Paris State archivist Armand Gaston Camus to thank for the extensive authentic description of the park's attractions.It was the era of a relaxed, uninhibited unfolding of grand, original nature.