kontaktanzeigen Kiel Steinhausen compact single watch winder

Steinhausen compact single watch winder
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This watch mount is very well made, Not some flimsy "C" shaped piece of springy plastic that allows the watch to slide off in time.

It's a solid mount that slides into its holder and snaps in. Watch and its winder mount slides out easily using finger compression- of easy to compress tabs.

Leather finished, incorporates a battery compartment for traveling, has an LED indicator showing the status of the winder and the front mounted rotary dial settings are functional and very good looking.

I really like this watch winder because it is small, beautiful and winds silently.I would have given five stars but the two watch holders are too close.Master crafted single watch winders of the best quality available.Exquisite detail and precision craftsmanship from the best watch winder manufacturers in the business.But this WOLF Viceroy watch winder does exactly what it was made for... Packaging was very well done and very well protected.

I've had it just under a year and my Cartier Roadster has not lost a second. This "Wolf Heritage Single Winder" exceeded my expectations by a substantial margin.The case is sturdy and there is plenty of room for additional watches on the top.My husband has some very large watches and they fit in this watch winder and storage case!Steinhausen watch winders range in both price and complexity, ensuring there is something available for everyone.Orbita is the world’s leading manufacturer of Watch Winders for automatic watches as well as manually wound watches.The winder was quietly doing it's job making very little sound.