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List of companies where Karin Pappenheim was involved. Karin Pappenheim worked in GINGERBREAD, THE CHARITY FOR SINGLE PARENT FAMILIES, HAEMOPHILIA SOCIETY(THE), O P F ENTERPRISES LIMITED as a Charity director.Bertha Pappenheim (February 27, 1859, in Vienna - May 28, 1936, in Neu-Isenburg) was an Austrian-Jewish feminist, a social pioneer, and the founder of the Jüdischer Frauenbund (League of Jewish Women). is a presentation of Bertha Pappenheim's case history as published by Josef Breuer and Sigmund Freud in Studies on Hysteria.In this environment Bertha Pappenheim intensified her literary efforts (her publications began in 1888 and were initially anonymous; they later appeared under the pseudonym "P.

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Frankfurt In November 1888 when she was 29 and after her convalescence, she and her mother moved to Frankfurt am Main.Their family environment was partially Orthodox and partly liberal.Bertha was raised in the style of well-bred young ladies of good class.She attended a Roman Catholic girls' school and led a life structured by the Jewish holiday calendar and summer vacations in Ischl.She first worked in a soup kitchen and read aloud in an orphanage for Jewish girls run by the Israelitischer Frauenverein (Israelite Women's Association).

In 1895 she was temporarily in charge of the orphanage, and one year later became its official director.

In contrast to their life in Vienna they become involved in art and science, and not only in charitable work.

The Goldschmidt and Oppenheim families were well known as collectors and patrons of the arts and lent their support to scientific and academic projects, particularly during the founding of Frankfurt University.

When she was 8 years old her oldest sister Henriette (1849–1867) died of "galloping consumption".

When she was 11 the family moved from Vienna's Leopoldstadt, which was primarily inhabited by poverty-ridden Jews, to Liechtensteinstraße in the 9th District Alsergrund.

She left school when she was 16, devoted herself to needlework and helped her mother with the kosher preparation of their food.