Singleportal Münster

Singleportal Münster
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Read more Two German universities have made it into the top ten of this year’s Young University Rankings released by Times Higher Education.

Germany is represented with 11 institutions in the list of the world’s best universities aged 50 years or under.

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The exhibition showcases works by German artist Peter Zimmermann.

Read more Following the United Kingdom’s formal notice to leave the European Union, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that the United Kingdom and the EU needed one another and should therefore do everything to ensure good and friendly relations in future.

Ambassador Ammon attended the candlelight vigil in Trafalgar Square on 23 March.

Read more Chancellor Merkel has praised the EU, which she described as a "unique instrument for peace".

Read more Foreign Minister Gabriel has pledged another €1.169 billion to support Syria at the donor conference in Brussels on Wednesday, 5 April.

Earlier this week, Foreign Minister Gabriel and Foreign Secretary Johnson agreed on the need for close cooperation between Germany and the UK in order to find a solution for the conflict.

Historically a variety of dialects and traditions have evolved, which make each and every state individual.

Read more The German public and German politicians are deeply shocked by yesterday's attack in London.

Read more On 4 April, Sigmar Gabriel visited London for the first time as Foreign Minister and met with his British colleagues Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and David Davis, Secretary for Exiting the EU.

The talks with Johnson focussed on Brexit, as well as Syria.

Germany and the UK intend to continue to work closely together in the future to find a solution for the conflict.