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A Single Man is a 2009 American drama film based on the novel of the same name by ...

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The last public sighting of Hamm, 44, and Westfeldt, 45, together was in late July, when they attended the New York premiere of Netflix's already knew that their relationship—which did indeed resemble a marriage more than most Hollywood marriages these days—was nearing its conclusion after one hell of a run.

The lightning bolt must have struck, although it's hard to tell which of them it actually hit in the end.

Finally."Seemingly days later, they were the target of split rumors.

They slammed one such tabloid story in early April..seeing the tale, however far-fetched at first, in print is never a good sign.

For the most part, they also had to be one of the least dramatic duos, with neither making any particular non-work-related headlines that raised any eyebrows... In fact, once Hamm went public (or as public as was necessary to come clean but keep the press off his back) with his issues, it didn't take long for speculation to start that their relationship wasn't long for this world. First off, Hamm and Westfeldt had the benefit of flying pretty much entirely under the radar for their first decade together.

Westfeldt was actually the talent we knew about first, from 2001's indie sleeper was still largely a niche show that was inspiring the cool '60s-fashion revival.

premiered, aka when the hoi polloi first started to care deeply about his love life). We're interested in having our lives be our lives right now and not a third person's vis-a-vis marriage and whatever that means."OK, so at the same time he also sorta predicted that they might not be together forever, but no one was looking for clues in 2008, "I don't necessarily want kids.

A lot of our friends are having children and I don't know if it's for me.

The end was of course bittersweet and complicated for Jonny. A., in the wee hours of July 3 last year, and then immediately got on a plane to New York to meet me and our dog, Cora, for dinner with a few close friends and to watch the fireworks, he felt a predominant sense of relief.

He remarked on the cosmic coincidence of the date: Independence Day.

But Jen is the love of my life, and we've already been together four times longer than my parents were married."Asked about the possibility of expanding their family, the actor indicated that his thoughts on that hadn't changed over the years: "I like kids but I also like the option to close the door.