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Ordinarily, one could climb the tower for a Euro or two for a panoramic view, but the heavy snows deterred us that day.

Also on the market square was the Dreifaltigkeitsaule (the Holy Trinity Tower), which was a common holy monument in eastern Bavarian and Austrian cities. The brilliant reddish-orange Rathaus facing the Stadtturm was also beautiful, as were a number of the old guesthouses on the main street (several of which now merely housed modern stores).

TSV Straubing was also the parent club of what is now the Straubing Tigers in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga, which split from the TSV in 1981.

The club was formed as a gymnastics club in 1861, under the name of TV Jahn Straubing.

As the Danube bent away from Straubing, we saw the old palace, a sprawling white stone building with the residence above and guard towers below.

The major of the building was plain white, leaving the facade (third photo) as the only colorfully decorated part.

But the grandest attraction was the city Cathedral located just a block off the market.

Filled was extraordinary artwork and very well-maintained, it was the city's must-see. There were considerable amounts of lovely artwork all around.It proved to be the only Christmas market we visited that had snow that season, as that December was unusually dry.But the colors and activity of the downtown made the snowfall look so natural.This shot was taken from the Christmas Market side after the snows abated briefly.The opposite side hosted the regular market that sold vegetables, cheese, meats, and fish every Saturday.The Danube was leveed to help stem the floods, but because of all the old residences built nearby there was little more that could be done to channel any rising waters.