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Single post arbor designs
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You may also Contact Us to inquire which retailers in your local area are stocking the kits or have them available for special order.If you are a dealer or retailer and would like to start stocking the Humboldt Redwood Kits, including the “Two-Post” Arbor Kit, please contact your Sales Representative.Check again for plumb and level, then water down the concrete.

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Resting atop the posts are two, 3″x8″x9′ headers which in turn support 10, 3″x6″x54″ rafters.

Constructed from Con Heart green timbers and available in a complete kit containing Galvanized hardware and pre-drilled holes for easy installation, The “Two-Post” Arbor Kit is easy to assemble in an afternoon.

Pour dry concrete into the holes a couple of inches deep and level off the surface.

Set one post on top of the concrete and have a helper set a second post in the other hole.

Level and plumb the posts, and use a string line to make sure the two posts are in line with each other.

With both posts plumb, level and lined up with each other, pour more dry concrete around the sides of the posts to fill the holes.

Uneven posts or posts that do not stand straight up look sloppy, and it may be impossible to attach boards to the posts. Use the level to make sure the twine is evenly horizontal, and tie the other end of the twine around the second stake.

Take the time necessary to do this project right the first time, and you will have a sturdy and beautiful arbor for years to come. Measure 2 feet from the end of each 4x4 post, and mark a line across one side at the 2-foot mark on each post.

The Humboldt Redwood “Two-Post” Arbor Kit is the perfect addition to your very own, beautiful backyard.

Featuring two, 6″x6″x10′ posts, this is an extremely sturdy Arbor meant to stand the test of time.

Use a level on each of the four sides of each post to ascertain whether or not the post is standing straight up.