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miteinander verbunden werden, sondern auch geschweißte Verbindungen in unmittelbarer Nähe von Stein, Glas, Plastik und Holz stattfinden.

Der fünftägige Workshop beinhaltet eine theoretische und praktische Einführung in die Handhabung des PUK-Geräts mit unterschiedlichen Metallen und weiteren Materialien.

We will explore diffenrent ways of molding and casting: carving direct molds in stone, rubber and plaster gives a different result.

We will use these same molds and models for further development through sand casting and lost wax casting.

4 Language: english and german 1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €) 2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €) The handcraft of engraving stones has a long tradition and still has a huge potential in contemporary jewellery design.

The focus of the workshop is to develop a feeling for the process of engraving stones from the region, like the Agate, which used to be found in the Hunsrück area.

All in all the International Summer Academy tries to create grounds for exchanges between participants, enabling them to integrate their experiences regarding the new and the old, the regional and the global into their jewellery creations. 5 Language: english and german 1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €) 2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €) Fascination gemstone.

The workshop will give you an introduction to lapidary.Mistakes and other beautiful creatures with Gemma Draper Participants: min. 10 Language: english 1 workshop = 625 € (students 475 €) 2 workshops = 1100 € (students 800 €) There is a full range of possibilities in missing the point and not getting it right away.It is a matter of crossing choices, goals and expectations that can be rendered as a generator of options rather than to lead to a single solid conclusion.For the control, recording and evaluating of your measuring results, the ANALYSETTE 28 purchase includes a computer* and the Image Sizing-Software ISS – already installed, which guides you through the entire measurement process in an easy-to-learn and largely self-explanatory manner. This is the second summer, the school has invited a group of international artists to hold a series of workshops.Vitreous enameling with Danni Schwaag Participants: max.