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After treating the lithium metal layer with 0.5 wt % methyl viologen in the ether electrolyte, a highly uniform, stable, and ionically conductive interfacial coating can be formed on the surface because of the electrochemical reduction.The coating layer can generate better control of the lithium ion flow and suppress the lithium dendrite growth and therefore form a uniform and stable solid electrolyte interphase. | Comments (1) GE and Southern California Edison (SCE) unveiled the first battery-gas turbine hybrid system in Norwalk, California: the LM6000 Hybrid Electric Gas Turbine (Hybrid EGT).

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The materials deliver 5-, 25- or 40-fold increases in reaction rates compared to unimodal mesoporous materials, when used as photocatalysts, gas sensors or electrodes for Li-ion batteries, respectively.They obtained superior rate capability (∼870 m Ah g) and high reversible capacity—25 times higher than that of state-of-the-art Li-ion anodes at a similar rate. | Comments (4) In a paper presented at SAE WCX 2017 this week in Detroit, engineers at Li-ion battery maker A123 Systems conclude that 48V battery packs with strong power (up to ~25 k W) and HEV-level energy capabilities ( emission levels, the ICCT study concludes that vehicle prices would increase by about 5% by 2030. | Comments (1) Researchers led by a team from Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) in Austria have shown that singlet oxygen ( battery during discharge and from the onset charge, and that it is responsible for a major fraction of side products that cause fast ageing in the battery.If successful, this could mean high performance lead acid batteries that can be distributed through existing closed loop supply chains and then fully recycled. | Comments (1) A team of researchers at the University of California, Riverside has developed an approach to addressing the vexing problem of dendrite formation that hobbles the use of high energy density lithium-metal anodes in advanced recyclable batteries.The new universal strategy, described in a paper in the ACS journal formation of an interfacial coating with methyl viologen to achieve stable cycling of lithium metal anode.Now, researchers in China have developed a rechargeable lithium-nitrogen (Li-N–) battery with the proposed reversible reaction of 6Li N– ⇋ 2Li–N.

The assembled N– fixation battery system, consisting of a Li anode, ether-based electrolyte, and a carbon cloth cathode, shows a promising electrochemical faradic efficiency (59%). | Comments (4) Suzuki Motor Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, and Denso Corporation have reached basic agreement on establishing a joint venture company for production of automotive lithium-ion battery packs in India, and signed the agreement.

[Due to the increasing size of the archives, each topic page now contains only the prior 365 days of content.

Access to older stories is now solely through the Monthly Archive pages or the site search function.] Aqua Metals, which is commercializing a non-polluting electrochemical lead recycling technology called Aqua Refining (earlier post), has acquired UK-based Ebonex IPR Limited for 123,776 shares of Aqua Metals common stock and 0,000 in cash.

The initial capital expenditure will be ¥20 billion (US4 million).

The joint venture company will be capitalized at ¥2 billion (US.4 million), with the planned participation ratio of Suzuki 50%, Toshiba 40% and Denso 10% respectively.

The battery pack manufacturing joint venture by the three companies will provide a stable supply of lithium-ion battery packs in India.