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Brændegård Sø is a good site for observing white-tailed eagle, which breeds nearby and is often seen on the island.The surrounding woodlands are very varied and there are still large areas with old trees, which support several of the more unusual raptors such as white-tailed eagle, honey buzzard, red kite and goshawk.

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From here there is a good view and one can study the information boards with details about the area. Photo: Albert Steen-Hansen Important staging site for swans, geese, ducks, waders and raptors. See Google map with car parks, observation hides, etc.Bøjden Nor reserve Description: The lagoon of Bøjden Nor is situated on the west coast of the peninsula of Horneland, west of the town of Fåborg.The lake also houses nesting great crested grebe, mute swan, greylag goose, shelduck and mallard.Nørresø does not boast so many species of breeding bird, but there are small numbers of great crested grebe and mallard.1) Brændegårdsø & Nørresø2) Bøjden Nor3) Enebær Odde & Hofmansgave4) Fyns Hoved5) Føns Vang6) Gulstav Mose & the southern point of Langeland7) Gyldensteen Strand8) Monnet9) Tryggelev Nor10) Vejlen11) Ølund Lammesø nature reserve At Brændegård Sø there are good chances of seeing white-tailed eagle. Photo: Helge Sørensen Description: The lakes are situated in the attractive landscape known as De Fynske Alper (Funen’s Alps), and are among Funen’s best bird localities.

The lake also houses a large cormorant colony and during the migration period both lakes are visited by large flocks of ducks. Brændegård Sø is Funens second largest lake, covering 104ha.In addition, two artificial bird islands have been constructed in the lagoon.New paths have been laid down, giving a choice of different circular walks.Bøjden Nor was originally a small bay, but it gradually became cut off from the sea by a beach ridge.Today it is a shallow lagoon surrounded by grazed coastal meadows and bisected by a causeway leading to the Bøjden-Fynshav ferry port on the coast.Between 20 a large EU LIFE nature re-establishment project was carried out.