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There are regular train service to and from Tübingen (10 minutes/ 3,20€) and Stuttgart (35 minutes/ 11,80€).The long-distance bus market is exploding in Germany, since a new law was passed in 2013.The best resource for checking connections is this German website.

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When there is a substantive change, I will update the files and note the change in the changelog. Lulu frequently has special offers for discounts or free shipping; check the main Lulu page before you order.

You can also save on shipping by buying multiple copies, if you know of others who would like the book.

It is an industrial city at the foot of the Swabian Mountains, home to Robert Bosch Gmb H's Automotive Electronics division as well as Reutlingen University (FH Reutlingen).

The University is home to the highly-regarded European School of Business, as well as Production Management and International Business schools.

The Einzelfahrschein is valid for 1 hour, the Tageskarte is valid for the rest of the day and costs twice as much as the Einzelfahrschein.

The tickets can be bought when you get on the bus or accasionally at ticket machines at the bus stops.The source here usually lags the production version, which incorporates the changes listed in the changelog.If you need the current source, send me an email and I will update it as soon as possible.Read on for more information and alternative formats.If you want to print out the text, you may prefer to download individual chapters; if you want to read the book on a computer screen, the "whole book" linked above is a better choice, as it contains live links that let you easily jump from place to place in the book and to documents and demonstrations on the web.They have an amazing variety of different tickets for group travel, etc.