Single bedroom design ideas

Single bedroom design ideas
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All photos © Alexandra Fedorova This beautiful modern bedroom is simply amazing. Combination of stone, glass, wood and green vegetation is nothing less than perfect. Dark floor and dark wall are always good idea when the are fulfilled with bright furniture like this.

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One of my favorite interior designers I’ve discovered lately is without a doubt Alexandra Fedorova.

In a past few weeks I’ve published some of her designs and there are many more to come since she has done a lot in the recent years.

Just look at that levitating modern bed and that incredible Bonsai plant in the corner. And wooden framing looks incredibly warm in contrast to cold looking mirror.

Welcome to the Bedroom gallery where you can browse tons of bedroom furniture combinations in loads of different styles and sizes–and at affordable prices.

We were taking about apartment decorating and how elegant furniture and material selection can have big impact on atmosphere in the apartment.

What I like about this small bedroom is that beautiful living room back there separated with nothing bu a thin glass wall.

For a fun, funky look, try mixing two completely different materials when choosing bedroom sets.

A night stand from a yard sale with a faux fur duvet, or hang a funky Art Nouveau sketch above the bed.

Keep the colors light and fun, and don’t be afraid to add unique little items like the bright yellow skull pictured.

Keep a vase of flowers next to the bed for vitality and a fresh aroma, and choose throw pillows in a variety of different but complimentary designs.

A few of those are visualizations, but so good that it’s almost hard to notice it’s not the actual photo.