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Singels Berlin
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Please note: This holiday includes walking in areas of rough ground, gradients and steps with little or no hand rails to offer assistance.We want you to make the most of your holiday, so there may be some travel on public transport in certain areas.Europe’s biggest beer house in Alexanderplatz offers its customers an Oktoberfest atmosphere all year round.You will take your seat for a 2 course dinner where you can enjoy the traditional Bavarian lifestyle and Austrian dining.The elegant structure of the Reichstag, Berlin’s parliament, watches over the green spaces that lie before it, while business-like guards sternly ensure the security of this important building.

Berlin’s architecture is at times straight-laced but spectacular highlights such as the Reichstag, Berliner Dom (the cathedral), the swooping lines of the Berliner Philharmonie and the rising columns of the Brandenburg Gate serve to demonstrate otherwise.Right now is the perfect opportunity to do that – with everything booked and paid for you’ll have even more to get excited about and all you’ll need to think about while you’re away is having a great time.By the way - look out for ‘Optional Excursion Packages’.Today, Berlin is a vibrant metropolis with a sophisticated social scene boasting world-class restaurants, chic cocktail bars and elegant boulevards.Alexanderplatz is the central hub of the city and the place from where everything can be reached by tram, train, bus or foot.You will always be accompanied by your Tour Manager on excursions and there won’t be an additional cost.