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The smaller version on long wooden legs costs £895.

Playing with fire Stiff upper lips used to be the form, but these days we don’t like it too fresh while partying al fresco. Orange-glowing halogen is instantly effective but the appliances are often unbeautiful. Robeys in Derbyshire specialises in the grooviest European outdoor fireplaces, by brand names such as AK47, Harrie Leenders and Girse, many of which can be cooked on, too.The Rais Cube (£435), a tabletop firebox made of Corten steel with a stainless-steel grill, looks pleasingly industrial. No lid, no hot-smoking, a technique growing in popularity since Jamie Oliver – him again – television-cooked his way across the United States.You can also buy an oven liner kit from £1,845 and create your own brick beehive or Moorish-tiled dome; or the company will design and build one for you.The ovens are Defra-licensed for smoke control areas.The Rais Cube from Robeys Or, for hippy chic, Wilstone has had a delivery of vintage Kadai fire bowls – as used to feed the multitudes across India – from £395. You can get the effect with the new wood-fired Fornetto (£899), a contemporary Puffing Billy and an Aussie design.

The fire chamber is separate, under the oven, which is ready to cook in 20 minutes.

You can also pivot the oven on its single leg, even mid-cooking, to face away from the wind.

Morsø knows a bit about weather, too; the Danes “enjoy” similar conditions.

Yet they’re a much more outdoorsy lot, which is why this world-leading cast-iron foundry (canal bargees’ favourite stove-maker) has produced an outdoor living range.

With typical Scandi chic, the Forno (£1,428) shuns pot-bellied folksiness for a modern take on the kettle shape (itself a revolutionary development in cooking by convection when Weber invented it in the Fifties).

You just need a meter to make sure the wood contains less than 20 per cent moisture.