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The bureaucratic mix is completed by six government ministries, including the defence ministry, which have remained in Bonn, employing a total of 17,000 civil servants.

A total of 80 new business and research organisations have since settled in the city.

"Perhaps that was always a bit too much for the city. A smallish town in Germany." "Media attention has shifted away from Bonn," admits Monika Hörig, a city government spokeswoman.

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They include the Centre for Advanced European Studies and Research (Caesar), which specialises in nanotechnology, a new international conference centre, the headquarters of Deutsche Welle, Germany's equivalent of the BBC World Service, and a host of Third World and scientific development agencies.

The upshot is a town in which 75.5 per cent of the working population are middle-ranking officials who spend most of their lives behind computer screens working in administration or a service-sector industry.

To soften the blow, in place of the government came a meticulously imported bureaucracy and an ensuing boom in desk jobs, but many claim that the city has lost kudos as a result.

The Bonn of the Eighties was a centre of decision-making that was of immense importance for the future of Germany.

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The city's new breed of comparatively well-heeled office workers live in neatly restored turn of the 19th century middle-class houses in the town's so-called "south-city" where property prices have been rising. A UN employee, he moved to the city with his Bolivian wife, Loupe, in 1996. "But we don't have that many German friends," he added.

The city's desk job boom is almost entirely the result of political horse-trading between Berlin and Bonn lobbies that took place nearly two decades ago.

It was the town in which plans for reunification were hatched, and the scene of the mass anti-nuclear protests which gave birth to the Green Party and an East German peace movement that helped to bring down Communism.

It was a city of political debate, intrigue and espionage.

Under the €1.43bn so-called Berlin-Bonn law, €256m of central government funding has gone into improving Bonn's infrastructure and €153m into developing the city as a centre for businesses of the future.