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Kulttempel, Oberhausen, Germany 5th February 2016 Solar Fake, Beyond Obsession February 5, 2016: All dark electro maniacs and SOLAR FAKE freaks have awaited eagerly this day.

Since the release of ‘Another Manic Episode’ on October 30 last year and the sold out release show at Berlin's Frannz Club, we've been counting the nights for the kick-off of the “Manic Episodes Tour 2016” in Oberhausen, Germany. – To celebrate the latest and truly diverse, melodic, and intense electro opus by mastermind and vocalist Sven Friedrich (DREADFUL SHADOWS, ZERAPHINE) and his partner in crime, keyboardist André Feller (DREADFUL SHADOWS, HERZFEIND).

For the following ‘Fake to be Alive’, also the second track on the record, the venue was aflame in red light fitting the slightly more aggressive and faster song while the first lines “Wake up, it’s time / And let’s cross the red line” resounded.

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Since they aren't fond of the idea of making their fans wait that long, the new single entitled ‘Moment of Truth’ is going to be released this month. Tokio Underground (Hartung & Schleinitz Mix) Rating Music: 7 Performance: 8 Sound: 7 Light: 6 Total: 7 / 10 Solar Fake Characterized by their talent to create manifold moods and Sven’s incredible voice, SOLAR FAKE are widely celebrated for creating floor filler anthems as well as emotional tunes.

And so we got the chance to hear the new track in its entirety that night. With their dark and thought provoking lyrics in combination with melodies and beats that actually make you wanna dance in spite of all the melancholia, cynicism, pain, and suffering, the act has enriched the dark scene since the release of their debut album ‘Broken Grid’ in 2008.

So it wasn't a surprise to learn later on that Nils' idol is Martin L. BEYOND OBSESSION's catchy tunes stick in your head immediately after listening to them for the first time.

Which songs would they choose to perform live at the Kulttempel?

Well, in addition the already mentioned new album, they're gonna play at the Black Beach Festival on June 4, and then join AND ONE once again in September/ October to be part of their “Trilogie 2 – The Megashow” tour. On March 20, Sven and André will play at the Out of Line Weekender, a club festival put on by the Berlin based independent label “Out of Line”, which they signed a contract with last year.

Prior to this, however, the two of them are on the road for their second and much-anticipated headliner tour under the banner of ‘Another Manic Episode’.

Returning to ‘Another Manic Episode’, the melancholic and yet danceable single ‘All the Things You Say’ was presented.

Sven introduced the poppy song by telling us about the corresponding video clip.

On we went with the gritty ‘Parasites’ for which the vocal stomp box was called into action and the anthemic ‘More than This’, both from the ‘Frontiers’ album.

Not just SOLAR FAKE, but also the audience gave their best in Oberhausen.

Then the audience could enjoy three tracks from the last album: ‘Song for the Dead’, ‘Black White Hearts’ and ‘Unwinnable War’.