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In one, a stroller takes up all available legroom around the four adults and three children. So the conductor painstakingly examines each ticket. He's disgusted, he looks tired; he's certainly angry.A harsh exchange of words erupts and a few minutes later, six young men walk down the train steps, backpacks in hand. A few minutes later in the next car, the conductor jumps off red-faced.

So they chose Hamburg – a more costly alternative for the family of five – instead.

While his six-year old son plays dangerously near to the station's elevator, Jneed's 10-year old daughter buries her head in her father's side.

Most of the passengers are refugees who have paid the 200 euros each to continue their journeys from Syria and other war-torn areas.

They are crammed in, some packed eight or nine to a compartment designed for six.

Since the beginning of September, when Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel called for an end to the chaotic manner in which refugees pass through countries at will, EU countries have begun a more orderly transport process. “What can you do when 5,000 people are at your border?

You can't hold them back,” said Garry Foitik, commander of the Red Cross in Austria.

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“It depends on how it works with Germany,” said Karin Temel, spokeswoman for the Salzburg police. Officially only about 2000 can cross, but more do Usually, between three and five special trains per day leave Austria for Germany.

Wednesday, as of late afternoon, only one had left, according to an official at the defense ministry, which helps coordinate logistics. Germany determines the number of trains and their destination.

But now that they have arrived in Vienna, they are stymied.