Senior dating Frederiksberg

Senior dating Frederiksberg
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You think you know yourself, and then you meet someone who challenges every part of your being.

Weirdos make you rethink your life, your passions and what the hell you’ve been doing this whole time. You know you can’t let them go because everyone after them will never live up to the force your weirdo entered your life with.

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With them, however, it’s never about the same sh*t.

They don’t have expectations of you or the relationship.

No one will ever show you as much, teach you as much and challenge you as much.

Everyone will just make you wish you were with your weirdo again.

If you’ve found someone liberated enough to be a complete and utter weirdo, never let that person go.

He or she will be like no one you’ve ever been with before, a breath of fresh air mixed with an electric pulse that shocks you into another dimension.

They aren’t nervous or scared; they’re down to try anything.

They want their lives between the sheets to be as spontaneous and crazy as the one outside.

Weirdos let the relationship coast the same way they coast through life — hoping for the best and going with the flow.

They don’t go into things with preconceived notions because for them, a relationship is as random and unknown as life.

Their world of wonder and awe, the way they see things you didn’t notice before, look at things you never understood and question everything you thought you knew.