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Eine außergewöhnliche Party in einer einzigartigen, exklusiven, streng geheimen Location mitten im Herzen Saarbrückens mit den besten DJs, live Saxophon, live Vocal Acts und jede Menge weiterer Überraschungen: Dress Code: Casual Chic. The new museum feeds a growing hunger in Germany for knowledge of the Third Reich.

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(partly by Make That A Take Records) Musikvideo: Adobe Flash Player (Version 9 oder höher) wird benötigt um dieses Musikvideo abzuspielen. If Thrice/Alexisonfire/Funeral For A Friend with a heavy dose of conviction is your bag, you’ll find much to love here. In 1934, one year after the Nazis took power, he signed a 100-year lease to take over the castle to fashion into a leadership school for the SS.For the first time since the SS used the place the room where Himmler met with underlings to plot the occupation of Eastern Europe, visitors will be allowed into the 'knights' room' where torchlit pagan rituals were carried out.But prostitute activist groups representing many of the 400,000 registered hookers in the country, say that pimps and enforced prostitution, particularly among migrants, continues to thrive and that efforts to register prostitution have largely failed.

Saarbruecken residents are fearful of a rise in street crime and violence when the new bordello opens.

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A 27-year-old Syrian who blew himself up in Ansbach, southern Germany on July 24 had pledged allegiance to ISIS on a video found on his mobile phone, investigators said.

ISIS later claimed responsibility for the bombing, which wounded 15 people.

They are also mourning the loss of their city's once enviable reputation for fine dining and a laid-back way of living.