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Mr Steele, who spied in Moscow in the 1990s, was last night in hiding after vanishing shortly before the damning dossier made headlines around the world.

Neighbours said he had asked them to look after his three cats, and there were claims last night he was in an MI6 safe house.

Mr Steele served MI6 for nearly two decades in Moscow - and a stint in its Paris Station - and security sources say he once worked with murdered Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko who fled to Britain before he was poisoned in 2006.

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Cash rich: Christopher Steele, 52, runs Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd with fellow ex-MI6 operative Christopher Burrows, which made £401,000 profit in 2015 and £621,000 profit in 2016, according to company accounts (pictured)He was pictured at a Bicentenary Debate in 2015 laughing while listening to speakers including former Tory leader Michael Howard.In Stephen Parkinson's book Arena of Ambitions, a history of the Cambridge Union, he mentions Steele and his later job working for the Government.Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was President of the Oxford Union in the same term in 1986 when Steele was president of the Cambridge Union.A spokeswoman from the Oxford Union said it would have been 'very unusual' if they did not meet She told Mail Online: 'We're a student organisation, we don’t keep that kind of information.‘It’s a small world, if they didn’t meet it would be very unusual.’ A spokesman for Mr Johnson said: 'Boris never met or heard of him before so they did not meet or know each other during the Foreign secretary's time at Oxford.'Sources close to the Foreign Secretary said he remembered a different student having been in the role.One paragraph describes Chris Steele as a 'confirmed socialist from Girton who was later President himself - and subsequently joined the Foreign Office'.

A spokeswoman from the Oxford Union, where now Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was president in Trinity term 1986, said no records had been kept of meetings between the two.Senior FIFA officials, including long-time president Sepp Blatter, were forced to resign is disgrace.Steele's work reportedly led to a lucrative deal to dig for dirt on Trump's dealings with Russia, where he worked for 20 years as a spy after the collapse of the Soviet Union.No one from The Cambridge Union was available for comment.A source who knew him told The Mirror: 'I had no idea that this was the sort of mischief he got up to.'I think mutual friends may have mentioned he was at MI6'.When approached for a comment by Mail Online, a spokesman for the Russian embassy said: 'We have obvious questions.'We don't raise them with HM Government given the frozen state of our official relationship.