Norden single fin

Norden single fin
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“Six in the Mix is the northern surfing scene's highlight”, the happy winner proclaimed. ” More than ever this year's focus was put on traditional boards, Angelo Schmitt, god father of the six-concept and head-judge made clear.

Paying tribute to heritage, one of the six boards the invited riders had to master, was an Alaia; granted, a slightly modernised version – staying true to the Vans motto: “Classic style – modern comfort”.

Fußläufige Entfernung vom Busbahnhof (die Nebenstrecke vom IC-Bahnhof an der Hauptstrecke nach Aarhus ist eingestellt), der Bus fährt allerdings (fahrplanmäßig!!! Ebenso fußläufige Entfernung zum stark vergrößerten Museum (also: mindestens noch eine Übernachtung in diesem Hotel).

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Weighing in at 15 kilos, this gem from the early sixties went without any amenities that make modern surfing so easy: no rocker, no concave, no rails, no fins – except for the giant keel singlefin, right at the tip of the tail.This is where style came into play, the only way to master this extremely valuable loan from Sylt's surf club!The broad variety in shapes, stoked out riders from all around northern Europe, the groundswell, the sun and the perfect organisation that Angelo Schmitt and the BLUE crew had put in place must have made every visitor's life a bit brighter.All-over winner Mor Meluka joyfully accepted his custom shaped Norden board and the two specialty winners were glad to load up on Vans stuff. Israel born Klitmøller resident Mor Meluka stood out and displayed some magnificent handling of the six different boards, clinching the title at 2011's Vans “Six in the Mix”, sponsored by Relentless Energy.

With sunny skies and a slight offshore winds, Germany's and Scandinavia's best surfers plus a bunch of locals went at it last weekend, hitting a clean northwestern groundswell.We are looking forward to Six in the Mix 2012, and to all the people, boards, waves and surprises next year's event will hold for us!Partaking riders:** All-Over Winner:** Mor Meluka (ISR) Best Alaia Rider: Pontus Hallin (SWE) Best Classic Surfer: Adrian Siebert (GER-Kiel) The video clip will be online within the next few days. Definitely more grippy was the ride on the 6’2 bonzer, placed at disposal by the inventors of this very shape, the Campbell brothers from Oxnard, Ca.In addition to the centerfin, the bonzer holds two small sidebites on each side for extra drive – a record-breaking number of five fins in total!Sure enough, Australian Alaia-pioneer Tom Wegner's 6’2 finless “Tuna” proved to be the ultimate challenge conquering the shoulderhigh wedges.