New dating app similar to tinder

New dating app similar to tinder
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If you meet the required standard (based on lifestyles, backgrounds and interests), you're able to access the dating app that functions much like Tinder, or attend monthly events that only Inner Circle members are invited to.We'd tell you what it's like, but we're still waiting to get approval to join the club... There have been some good dates, some bad, but a persistent lack of spark has seen you swipe your way through the entire single population of your postcode.

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In brief: Dating, plus access to 'exclusive' parties What does it do differently to Tinder: As the name suggests, The Inner Circle is more exclusive than your average dating app, recommending you go "for quality, not quantity".

You can't just join The Inner Circle - you have to be invited, or join a waiting list of 120,000 profiles.

Alternatively, find someone else who loves singing along to Disney tunes in the shower. In brief: Skip the swipes to only get provided people who you'll like How's it different to Tinder: First, create a profile.

Then, at noon every day, you'll be sent a 'bagel' - for men, that's highly curated matches preselected by a smart algorithm, for women, it's someone who's expressed an interest in meeting you (by which logic, that means women will be shown male matches the algorithm has seen if the man wants to meet the woman).

You're even presented with a map of where you passed each other - highlighting in stalker-ish fashion that you might share the same route to work or favourite bar.

Mercifully, they won't know you "Like" them unless they "Like" you back.

In brief: The personal touch What does it do differently to Tinder: Rather than basing your matches on location and a complicated algorithm, Once leaves a real life human being in charge of your dating fate.

Set up a profile and someone from the Once team will send you match at 12 noon every day.

Both users get the option to extend the waiting time by 24 hours, but they can only use this "power" once a day.

Be warned - if you don't get a single "Hello" after a fortnight of using it, Bumble can be a pretty crushing experience.

With this list amassed, you're then able to browse through people hanging out in locations near to where you're currently at, or people who frequent the same places as you do.