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Additional buffs and bonuses take that away, it becomes more like "you die forever, but everything is cheaper and easier - mode" HC comes with it's own built in end game, exclusive to that mode. While that might sound extreme to some people, others enjoy it tremendously.The thing that made me stop playing HC in Diablo 3 was the little fact that sometimes goes bananas and you lag in the middle of a fight and end up dead.In Tempest, there are certain "weather" effects that spawn that either buff you and the monsters or debuff.

So because there isn't enough currencies in the HC leagues the prices stay relatively low compared to SC.

3) Furthermore in HC (tempest) the map buffs provide a 10% increase in the currencies/items dropped.

However, in D3, I don't understand why I was playing HC.

I think it was just out of habit and will probably switch to SC tomorrow.

POE says, hey if you take the risk of playing in HC and possibly losing everything, we will reward you with more benefits.

Which makes sense to me, and which is why I play HC in POE.

Because well, losing a character because your bot fucked up sucks. Hardcore should be aimed at people who want the different mindset and different playstyle.

I'd hate to think of someone who didn't want to play that way feeling that they "should" do so for better rewards.

If botting is the issue for you, then don't play SC. Based on your description, I definitely prefer the D3 approach.

I feel like botting is a lot more rampant in SC than HC. Giving in-game incentives to play HC is a horrible idea, imho.

However, after giving it some more thought I couldn't understand what the benefit behind playing HC is.