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Christian Ebbesen, architect, Arkitektskap as, Norway “NORDMAK has given me a broader understanding of what cultural heritage management is and in particular of the importance of value assessment in the process.

I use the knowledge I have acquired during the programme in my daily work, in both projects and as a manager of Arkitektskap as.

NORDMAK has given me a significantly broader range of tools and methods, which have affected the working methods and professional approaches to specific tasks employed by me and my practice.

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We made a good community, which has also been very rewarding afterwards – and still is.

I’ve acquired new knowledge about cultural heritage and have had my knowledge of the Nordic aspect refreshed; it was great to see that we have so much in common.

I do not think being a restoration architect has become any easier, on the contrary.

On the other hand, my experience is that I can use quite a lot of what I have learnt from NORDMAK in my everyday life.

Preparing a master thesis was instructive on several levels.

It was exciting to acquire new knowledge and subsequently transform this knowledge into a thesis.

I will soon have completed half the programme, and many of my expectations have been met.

The programme is aimed at the conservation and development of architectural heritage.

As an architectural consultant, I endeavour to live up to the responsibility of being someone others consult professionally. Even though the central aspect of NORDMAK is our work with heritage, it is fundamental in all architectural aspects to find a good, or even the best possible, architectural strategy.

The holistic thinking you develop when you participate in NORDMAK made it possible to boost the quality of several, at first glance, insignificant buildings or buildings that were lost cases, and also to revitalise vulnerable listed buildings without damaging their underlying values.” Marcelle Meier, architect and co-owner, KPF Architect, Denmark “During the two years of studies abroad, an ever-expanding network was created involving practicians as well as theoreticians within the restoration profession.

On a personal level, I have gained several good friends and a super cool restoration-related network, which I never hesitate to draw on if there is an issue I am uncertain about, which happens quite often.