Mannheim steamroller concert dates

Mannheim steamroller concert dates
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To release this amazing album, Chip Davis started the record label American Gramaphone and went on to release the first Mannheim Steamroller album in 1975.This album was titled as Fresh Aire and was a phenomenal success that became very popular and was followed soon after by a string of albums following a similar theme; Fresh Aire II in 1977, Fresh Aire III in 1979 and Fresh Aire IV.At that time, Chip Davis was already a renowned name in the world of music as the creator of C. Mc Call, a musical character created for the country artist, Bill Fries.

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By then, Mannheim Steamroller had become the Most Requested Christmas Music Artist of All Time.

In 1997, Mannheim Steamroller released Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Live followed by 2001’s Christmas Extraordinaire and 2007’s Christmas Song.

Mannheim Steamroller started out as a one man group and an alias used by one of the two founders, Chip Davis, who was a composer and record producer.

The name Mannheim Steamroller was in itself inspired by a special German musical technique from the eighteenth century, the Mannheim Roller.

Mannheim Steamroller even went on to perform a series of shows as part of a tour on these albums; this tour featured spectacular use of multimedia and light to result in a one of a kind live performance, a tradition this amazing music groups maintains to date.

The music that was played was in itself captivating and featured live musicians and orchestral performances.The tour is slated to continue throughout the month and end on December 27, 2015 in Abilene.The show will feature songs from “Mannheim Steamroller 30/40 Live” PBS broadcast that celebrated the band’s 30 years of Holiday music and 40 years of Christmas anniversary with the forthcoming tour that pays tribute to its Holiday compositions.Mannheim Steamroller soon rose to stardom when the group composed music for Saving the Wildlife, a PBS special show.This group also went on to produce albums for other artists and groups such as the 1987 Mason Williams album, Classical Gas.Mannheim Steamroller Christmas by Chip Davis has been America’s favorite holiday tradition for over 30 years!