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Freiberg single
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A special measurement, control and regulating system is responsible for the efficient use of energy.

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Therefore only high-quality clay blocks, bricks and clay roof tiles by Wienerberger were used for the entire building envelope as well as for interior walls, ceilings and the roof.

The aim to solely provide a single-family house with renewable energies requires more than just the perfect coordination of building services.

MDPinline is a compact high speed production integrated mapping tool for quantitative measurements of carrier lifetime.

Topograms are measured ‘on the fly’ in less than one second a wafer while the wafers are moved underneath the instrument by the conveyor as installed in the factory.

A 9.3 m³ high-capacity long-term heat storage, the technical centrepiece of each house, absorbs the heat and gives it off to the rooms by means of underfloor heating.

On especially cold winter days, a wood gasification plant with a water compartment serving as heat exchanger additionally feeds the storage.

Implantation of B and P are used for many applications in the microelectronic industry, but so far there was no method available to check the homogeneity of these implantations without contacting the samples and changing their properties due to the necessary annealing steps.

The difficulties so far were that the implanted area is usually at a depth of only several µm and that the implanted doses are very low.

What does a house look like, which is energetically self-sufficient?

In what way does it have to be conceived to do without a connection to the public power supply system?

For example, an automated statistical evaluation of 10.000 wafer topograms, which are obtained within less than three hours, reveal surprisingly fine details of the performance of crystal growth furnaces as well as material quality.