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The Village of Sølund is an accommodation facility and home for people with extensive physical and mental handicaps.

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The monastery was founded by the Black Friar Order in the first half of the 12th century, along with a small harbour, but in 1168 there were only two monks left and the Cistercian Order took over.

The Cistercians came here after they had failed in founding a proper monastery at several nearby locations since 1165.

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In April 1768, the demolishing of Skanderborg Castle began and nothing remains of it today, except the old castle church.

The town of Skanderborg has a total of three churches, and Skanderborg Castle Church used to be part of the former Skanderborg Castle.

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The long gone Ring Abbey founded by Benedictine nuns in the 12th century, was once situated on the southeastern brinks of Skanderborg Lake.

The last buildings burned down in 1715 and now there is a mansion at the site.

Surrounding the buildings, are a Greek theatre with 500 seats, a playground and a beach volley field, amongst other facilities, as the city park itself is perceived as part of the cultural centre.