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People who have money want much more; helping other people or being philanthropic is secondary. However, he was not the conservative everyone fantasizes.

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But I thought one of the fundamental precepts of the federal government was to protect its citizens.

This oil spill threatens our way of life, much like airplanes that crash into buildings. We can accept it by holding our nose, but right now it’s about our Louisiana economy.

Criminal charges might punish those responsible, but I want to see a stronger sense of urgency.

BP has 600 workers cleaning beaches, why can’t the National Guard assist.

I think 6,000 might be needed to thoroughly clean beaches, skim oil, and save wildlife.

BP will pay for it- last year they made 0 billion dollars in profit.

Most of us look upon that with much disgust and disdain.

And our country seems to be in a state of endless war because of it. Yet in America some use organized religion to promote bigotry, xenophobia, and hatred.

Obama needs to fix the problem, which he is doing slowly, and continue to remind the people how this mess started. After all, the Obama hating industry makes a mint in books, speakers, and websites. I know the President has been here 3 times to observe and listen; maybe all he can do at this point.

So hate as much as possible; revert to banal racial and personal insults when the argument is lost showing your true colors. He exclaimed he was looking for ‘whose ass to kick’; but I don’t think it will do much good.

I believe the biggest danger of organized religion is that it can be used as a tool of hatred.