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Datingportale Koblenz
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Castors’ Church, as well as the Baroque-style buildings in the Old Town.

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The slogan of the German city of Koblenz, the third biggest city in the German Rhineland-Palatinate province, is quite inviting.

Translated in English it reads: ‘A city, in which one feels immediately at home.’ And these inviting words are not without coverage.

Another option is taking the passenger ferry which departs from the center of Koblenz and combining it with the chairlift.

Since the Bundesgartenschau there is also a spacy cabin-lift starting from the Deutsches Eck-monument on the other side of the river Rhine and going up to the top of the fortress.

The name Koblenz, also spelled Coblenz or Coblence in respectively English and French, originates from Latin and means confluence, or a place where two rivers merge.

And indeed the over- 2000-year-old town is situated where the splendid rivers the Rhine and the Mosel meet.Yet there is a slightly French hint in the heart of the city, as in the 18th century it was a preferred meeting and exile place for fleeing French nobles.Among other historic buildings worth visiting in Koblenz are The Church of Our Lad and St.The buildings have seen the reign of many rulers and have been grounds for their castles, each aiming to be more splendid than the previous.The name of the fortress comes from the ruler Ehrenbert who erected a castle there in about 1000 AD.The Weindorf offers to connoisseurs a great selection of good Rhine wines amid the romantic atmosphere of music orchestras and restaurants with tasty traditional cuisine.