Dating portal Saarbrücken

Dating portal Saarbrücken
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A small walk leads you to the Cloef – and the horseshoe bend in the Saar called the Saarschleife lies at your feet.

The Roman villa in Perl-Borg shows vividly how people lived in the Saar-Lor Lux region 2000 years ago.

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Less than 100 km from Saarbrücken lies Luxembourg, “European” capital and international finance metropolis.Numerous sights make this town a worthwhile destination: the former bastions of the fortress city, the Grand Duke’s palace, the cathedral, mansions built by aristocrats and patricians and European institutions.New: the museum café in the style of the Dresden milk store 1892. Mettlach it is only a few kilometres to the most well-known vantage point and picture-postcard image of the Saarland.Shut down in 1986 and made a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1994, the Völklingen Steel Mill is the only authentically preserved steel mill in the world dating back to the peak of the iron and steel industry.

The six imposing furnaces with their unique sloping lifts which pierce the skyline from afar have dominated the Saar Valley for over 100 years now.Six imposing furnaces and the unique sloping lift pierce the skyline.In the 6,000-square-metre blower shed, where gigantic machines which were once used to produce the wind necessary for raw iron production, events and exhibitions spanning a variety of themes are held.Mit dem Reibekuchen in der Hand geht es in Saarbrücken jedes Jahr im Januar zum international bedeutendsten Festival des deutschsprachigen Nachwuchsfilms, dem Max-Ophüls-Preis.Filmbegeisterte Singles kommen hier sicher auf ihre Kosten und lernen dabei Gleichgesinnte kennen, mit denen sie sich nach den gesehenen Filmen in ungezwungener Atmosphäre austauschen können.Former steel workers will lead you through this "iron cathedral" telling first-hand accounts of how these works influenced the lives of the people in the entire region.