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Im Auftrage des spanischen Königs Karl I verließ Magellan Spanien mit fünf Schiffen. Although also it is necessary to consider that has not taken a very easy life that we say, because they have had to arastrar the 400 kilos of moto, plus those of the pilot, by places where an Africa Twin would have had it complicated. First visit on the 14th Mc-Meeting for World-Travellers giving a short view. 1992 USA - Deutschland - Transrußland - Wladiwostok - USA - 2 Monate 12.500 miles. Book: Mit dem Motorrad allein um die Welt 1987 - 90 Cosman, Harris (American) with a Honda XL 600 LM Rudi rode solo 55.000 km though 5 continets and 30 countries. In 1999 -2000 he is now on a long distance tour with his family (wife: Bettina and two kids) through North - Central- and South-America. 1990 Als Hochzeitsreise touren Arlette und Gary mit zwei HONDA Gold Wing um die Welt mit zwei Moto-Guzzi: 51.000 (91.000 ? The British shopkeeper Glynn always had motorcycles since he was 16. The General Secretary of FEMA (European Motorcycle Ass. AFRICA 1: Tunisia - Libya - Egypt - MIDDLE EAST: Jordan - Saudi Arabia. AMERICAS: Canada - USA - Mexico - Guatamala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama - Colombia - Peru - Bolivia - Chile - Argentina - AFRICA 2: South Africa - Namibia - Botswana - Zimbabwe - Malawi - Zambia - Tanzania - Kenya - Uganda - DRC - CAR - Cameroon - Nigeria - Benin - Togo - Ghana - Burkina Faso - Mali - Mauritania - Western Sahara - Morocco. Route done so far: UK - Belgium - France - Italy - Tunisia - Italy - Greece - Turkey - Syria - Jordan - Egypt - Saudi Arabia - UAE - flew to India - Pakistan - India - ?? I told Simon that he will not make all the planned countries because of political difficulties and lack of time.

Er wollte die von Portugal besetzten Molukken (Gewürzinseln) für Spanien zurückholen. Conclusion: Never, never never, " the Princess " has left wire drawing me. Who knows him, his present address or publications about him?? .08.1981 Meissonier, Gouillaume (French) 47 countries on a HONDA XL 600 R in all continents. The enginer Gouillaume started in Africa just for holidays for a year. Standing in a row with 4 other Around-The-World-Travellers. 1993 Deutschland - NL - B - F - GB - Irland - Schottland - Orkneys - Shetland Inseln - Färöer Inseln - Island - USA. Route second World-Around-Tour: 1996 Start in Detroit (USA) - von Bremen per Motorrad - Zweifall (Nach 3 Tagen stop bei Bernd Tesch Abfahrt ) - Plan Capetown in 4-6 Monaten. It was a paid world-around-tour by HONDA and MOTORRAD. Partcipant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers 11 times 1982-1998. So when he had time and money he decided to go around-the-world with a BMW R 80 G/S 150.000 kms. in Brussels) plan´s "Milward´s Millenium Motorcycle Ride". Participant of the 21th Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers 1999 Thornburg, Tom (American) Both were the first pilots who circled the world by a baloon: 40.814 kms in 19 days.

I even think it is interesting to know who planned to ride Around-The-World, and started but did not finish it for different reasons... Falls sich in Deinem Khlschrank Essen befindet, Du angezogen bist, ein Dach ber dem Kopf hast und ein Bett zum hinlegen, bist Du reicher als 75% der Einwohner dieser Welt. Kopiere diesen Text und schicke ihn als Mail an alle, die Du Freunde nennst. Route: Germany (Wuppertal) - Belgium - England - USA - Hawaii - Japan - Hong Kong - Singapore - India (Kalkutta) - by ship to Egypt - Italy - Slowenien - Austria - Germany (Wuppertal) This in German written book was edited by H.-E. I arrive at Australia, want to receive to change the cardan joint to me, nonacceptance, and cruzco the country saying so that entrance of parking of Sling, I push meters... We found we were a novelty to everyone we met because we were two women travelling by motorbike without a man. Riding two Yamahas, both 96 model, a 750 Super Tenere and a XT 600. Original planned route: Ship UK- NY - Canada - Alaska - Canada - USA-West - Mexico - Central America - Panama - fly to Colombia - Pan Am (incl.

If you are a World-Around-Traveller or plan to do this or "on the road" already or know anyone who is not listed here, please send my any details, addresses, publications, homepages and most important: best pictures. Falls Du ein Konto bei der Bank hast, etwas Geld im Portemonnaie und etwas Kleingeld in einer kleinen Schachtel, gehrst Du zu 8% der wohlhabenden Menschen auf dieser Welt. Einer hat irgendwann mal gesagt: Liebt, als htte euch noch nie jemand verletzt. Wenn Du sie nicht weiter schickst, wird nichts passieren. They change to the seat and the cardan joint, besides to carry out a general overhaul. 2000: Normans problem: He does not know any place to go. Norman is on the road again with HONDA XL 250 seeing some nice North Woods Country and still looking for Polar Ice Bears. We always shared the riding, and it's so comfortable on the back of the BMW that we used to fall asleep. 23rd.04.2001: This is the longest Motorcycel-Travel ever been made by two women on ONE bike. Route: Europe (NL) - South-America - Australia - now travelling backpacking through Asia - NL. Plan: Around the world for peace, and also promote drug abuse prevention and to get humanitarian help for the chilren of the street in my home country. : USA - Morocco - 6 months Europe (Spain - Portugal - Germany - Netherlands (Amsterdam) - Denmark - Norway - Germany - Transdanubia Rally (Munich /Germany to Budapest /Hungary) - Bulgaria - Romania - Greece -Turkey - Israel - Egypt - plane to India - 3 months India - Nepal - plane to Thailand - 6 months SE Asia: Thailand - Laos - Cambodia - Malaysia - Singapore - plans: by boat to Australia - 6-10 months Australia - New Zealand - 6-10 months South America. Amazon) - Tierra del Fuego - ship to Australia - Visiting Sydney - Olympics - Red Centre - Northern Territories - ship to Singapore - (Dez. ) - South East Asia - Thailand - China and Tibet (if possible) - Iran - Turkey - Europe /late 2001 - Tesch - GB.

It is not allowed to take off or to publish any information of this without written permission of Bernd Tesch. In 1998 there have been 20 within 300 participants. Nobody knows more World-Around-Travellers in person than Bernd Tesch. Without their help I could not get to this high level. This in German written book was new edited by Prof. It was still to cold so I went back to Guatemala and accidently met Clem in Guatemala City in January 1975. Die Triumph steht heute im "Alfred Herbert Museum" in Coventry, Großbritannien. In November of the year 1993 arrival to a point already visited in previous years: Helsinki, Finland. The worse moment and vehicle for the mistaken place. And your eternal desire of being always a happy country. Perhaps when you begin to read these pages I am beginning to write a new chapter of this adventure. Moto has 386,000 km of trip already (plus the 55,000 original ones). The cardan joint is replaced again, in addition to the right part of the bracket, the seat and the shock absorbers. New Zealand and Australia (where they got Australian citizenship). Book/Publication: None yet, but I want to write a book based on our journals. Especially he wanted to travel through GUS-countries where he has been before this time by motorcycle With my help he managed to get all the complicated visas finally. The best: Iran, Siberia and the Far East of Russia, Japan The worst: Earthquake in Istanbul, traffic in Pakistan and India, Customs in Almaty / Kazakhstan Book or publication (about your tour): TOURENFAHRER 12.2000 Useful informations and TIPS for others: Never hurry and take care of your bike yourself Earlier experiences: 05.1992 - 04.1993 Mika has already been in Russia and North-America during his studies for 1 year with a XT 600 K and HONDA XL 600 R. Partcipant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers three times 1996-1999. Route so far: Australia - USA - Europe - Transafrica. Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers in 1998 and private guests of Bernd Tesch. Route: Germany (Hamburg) overland to India / Nepal.

It is free for you to read this and learn out of it. Many of Motorcycle Travellers Around-The-World have been at my yearly Motorcycle-Meeting for World-Travellers in april. They informed me since 1970 worldwide by meeting me, phoning, sending letters, later faxes and emails since 1994 about World-Around-Travellers. Arrived in Panama in November and rode up through Central America to Mexico. 100.800 km (60.647 road miles, 78.302 total distance), four years and fourty-five countries around the world. Beim Fahren bewegen sich seine Gedanken zwischen Kontemplation, Fehler der Vergangenheit zu finden und Spekulation über Gefahren der Zukunft. The first circumvallation of the planet Earth in moto is complete. The return, passage by the North Pacifico and I arrive at Japan. We are in June of 1993 and I send towards the west crossing the great China and the desert of Gobi, Mongolia, Uzbequistán, Turkestán... When you read these pages I already will be in route towards Finland. In addition, already I am in the mistaken place, the momentoequivocado one and with the mistaken vehicle. They have opened it and they have been scared, but I continue denying to me. The Worst: Bad accident in the sand in Namibia, Tiffany was knocked unconscious and there was noone around to help. Reasons for Travelling: I don't mind working, but I love travelling by mc. Got the motivation and idea to ride around the world on this meeting.

The earliest Motorcycle-Travellers had quite different conditions like Clancy in 1912 -13. Route: Europe 12.000 kms (Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Italy - Greek - Turkey ....) - Asia 15.000 kms (Iran - Pakistan - India - Nepal. Falls Du nie einen Kampf des Krieges erlebt hast, nie die Einsamkeit durch Gefangenschaft, die Agonie des Gequlten, oder Hunger gesprt hast, dann bist Du glcklicher als 500 Millionen Menschen der Welt. NSU invented the suspension of the front fork and sold later huge peaces of NSU-motorcycles. I do not have time that to lose, I insist and in the end they mount the motor in "the Princess ", who in addition was disarmed. The indented gears of the gimballing transmission are broken, and me they fix them in miraculous plan. And so our trip to India turned into an around the World journey lasting 2 years. When I asked him WHY he wanted to circle the world? " Planned Route: D - Italien - Sp - F - NL - GB - IRL - CAN - USA - AUS - NZ. Route: USA - Europe - Marocco - Mauretania - Ghana - shipped to South Africa..... 08.99 The German journalist Erwin Thoma infromed me that Huberts Bike is still in Vladiwostok. June 1998: They came for recommendation hours They stopped working at Bayer The collegues spend them a digital-camera, so that they can send a lot of pictures from the whole world. The first part they rode together with experienced Australian Kay and Peter Forwood.

And although British Martyn Swain rode 4,5 years "in the world" he did not make it in total missing an easy last part. Falls Du in die Kirche gehen kannst, ohne die Angst, dass Dir gedroht wird, dass man Dich verhaftet oder Dich umbringt, bist Du glcklicher als 3 Milliarden Menschen der Welt. Dies ist die internationale Woche der Freundschaft. - Horstman, Heinrich (German, - ) 20-years old Heinrich cycled solo Around-the-World by biycycle in 27 months. In Indonesia they become to spoil, they change of sense and nuts are used extra to rivet I grasp. Having travelled across Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa we are now back in the UK, trying to get our BMW fixed up and also trying to get sponsorship for the final trip from Alaska to Chile. Info by Peter Forwood here1998 in Zweifall / Germany. They have a lot contact with mc-travellers from the Tesch-mc-meeting 2000: Very seldom I get informations from them by email. Rocco, Ricardo (Equador) and Cesar Marabowen the road in South America". Their answer to my invitation to the "25th Meeting for World-Travellers" with the main subject "Around-The-World": "If we're in the area in 2003, we'd love to come by". Bright, Chris (British) The teacher Chris is riding solo on a 1989 BMW R100GS.

Deshalb wollte er diese auf einem neuen Seeweg westlich um die Erde erreichen. Bernd Tesch has heard about Emilio Scotto many years. Asia 1 months (Singapur - Malaysia - Singapur) - South Africa Martyn visited Bernd Tesch many times before he started. - Parkinson, David (British, born May 1944) David, a retired Royal Marines officer and now an Insurance Assessor, planned his motorcycle tour to ride as much as possible in the dry sunny weather and avoid riding in winter time. - New York) and back to Canada (at Fort Erie, Ontario). In part, a journey in search of "Her" - my soulmate. Participant of the Tesch-Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers three times 1992, 1997, 2000. Tombrock, Erik (Swedish) The American fireman and privat pilot and aircraft mechanic circled the world once by sailing-boats two times by motorcycle around the world. Norman meinte 8.000 miles in Afrika; es sind bestimmt 14.000 miles! Route: From England to Australia he rode with Richard Attenborough (BMW R 65) - GB - France - Italy - Yugoslavia - Greece - Turkey - Greece - Egypt - Jordan - by ship to Pakistan (Karachi, at this time no chance of going overland to Iran for British people because of political reasons) - India - by cargo-ship from India (Madras) to Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Malaysia - Singapore - with a cargo-ferry to Australia (Darwin) - Alice Spings - Melbourne - Sydney (total in Australia 15 months, working for 5 months) - working for free transport to New Zealand (German Colombus Shipping lines) and USA (Harbour Long Beach at Los Angelos - New Orleans - St. Wants to raise funds for humanitarian aid: "medicines sans Frontieres (Ärzte ohne Grenzen)" and "Riders for health". The flew sometimes very high (10.000 m) and quick (160 kms/h).

Maggelan und dann Elcano umsegelten als erste die Erde. Because he was "on the road" I could never contact him. Route: Europe - Asia - Africa 15 months: Europe (GB - France - Germany - Switzerland - Italy - Greece) - Asia (Israel) - Africa (Egypt - Sudan - Uganda - Kenya - Tanzania - Sambia - Malawi - Zimbabwe - Botswana - South Africa - Nambia - St. S- and N-America 15 months: South America (Brasilia - Argentina - Chile - Bolivia - Peru - Eqzador - Colombia ) - North America (Panama - Costa Rica - Nicaragua - Honduras - El Salvador - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico - USA - Canada. He wanted to ride keeping in the sun as much as possible and just ahead of the rain. - Smith, Tom (Canadian) and Around the World with Honda Elite 250. Route: Canada (Ontario - Nova Scotia - Ontario) - by plane to Great Britain - Norway - Sweden - Denmark - the Netherlands - Germany - Belgium - Luxembourg - Germany - Austria - Liechtenstein - Switzerland - France - Spain - Monaco - Italy - Greece - by ship to Egypt - Sudan - Kenya - by plane to India - Nepal - by plane to Singapore - Malaysia - by plane to Japan - by plane to Hawaii - by plane to USA (at Los Angeles - across the USA via San Francisco - St. I designed this tour as a project to promote international friendship and communication: "Cycle for Life: World Odyssey"- meeting with municipal, regional and national government officials - mayors, governors, generals, ambassadors. Gustavsson, Roger (Swedish) World-Around-Traveller. A Swedish truck-driver of Bromma who visted me sometimes in Aachen to circle the world by BMW. The first American who circled the world by motorcycle first time. Therefore he is the oldest Mc-World-Around-Traveller having done this. 1997: Zweifall - Belgien (Liege) - Frankreich (Rhone-River-Valley) - Spain (Bercelo - Costa del sol) - Algeciras - Marokko - Rabat - Layoune - Dahkla - Nouadhibou to Visa: Mauretanien (Nouakchott by French truck - Senegal (Dakar) - Tambacounda - by train to Mali (Bamako) - Burkina Faso (Segou - Bobo Dialassou - Ouagadougou) - Ghana (Accra) - Flug mit Motorrad nach Südafrika, da Unruhen / Rebellion in Zaire / bis Johannesburg in demselben Flugzeug - Capetown - Sprinkbok - Upington - Vryburg - Rustenburg - Pretoria - Nelspruit (Krüger Nationalpark) - dort 1 day Safari - Bulawayo - Victoria Falls - über die Brücke nach Visa: Zambia (Lusaka - Kabwe - Visa: Tanzania (Mbeya - Morogoro - Arusha - Serengeti - Ngorongoro-Krater (one of the best things) - Kenya (Nairobi) - mit Flugzeug bis Athen / Griechenland (2 Wochen) - Mazedonien - Jugoslawien (Belgrad) - Ungarn - Österreich (Linz) - Germany (Regensburg - Würzburg - Fulda - Zweifall - Bremen). Louis - Los Angelos) - Mexico (Mexico City, around Mexico) - USA (New Orleans - Key West - Atlanta (working for 5 weeks furniture restauration) - Chicago - Seattle) - Canada (Vancouver - Dawson City) - USA (Fairbanks - Prudoe Bay - Anchorage) - Canada - USA (New York) - England (Manchester). Route (not known in total): Switzerland - Maroc - Algeria - Sudan - Saudi Arabia - Oman - China - Pazifik - SAmerika - Maroc.

To find all this and all my activities was a "life-long job" and cost me a lot of money. Some riders thing that you must have done it in ONE tour. So please give me your "pardon" that there are mistakes inside of the information and a lot in my language. Jupiter's Travels (translated in 5 other languages). It lacks a year of trip and some patrocinadores decide that they will be with me. When you read this history I am from way to Finland, to retake my route in the direction of Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, paises of the Caribbean and South America. I leave course to Asia, I cross Spain, France and to puetras of Rome the motor explodes when it took 387,500 km remuelcan to Me until Spain. We found our intercom was essential, it makes communicating on the bike so much easier, and we always had lots to talk about. Steinhauser, Hubert (German) Plan Route Weltumrundung: D - GUS - Mongolei - China (by plane) - Alaska-Feuerland etc. Having a trip their with Russian motorcycle friends he had a bad accident 20.08. Managed to enter Laos and Vietnam with there own bikes!

Since many years I am working in a new book called "Motorrad-Welt-Reisen" = Motorcycle-World-Around-Travels. Others thing that you must have been in each continent. 28th.05.2001 send as a copy to me by my GLOBETROTTER-Friend Christa and Heinz Jansen from Bangkok Wenn wir die ganze Menschheit auf ein Dorf von 100 Einwohner reduzieren wrden, aber auf die Proportionen aller bestehenden Vlker achten wrden, wre dieses Dorf so zusammengestellt: If you would reduce the whole inhabitants of the world to one village of 100 people, but would take the proportions of the peolpe of the world, this village would have this inhabitants: 57 Asiaten (Asians 21 Europer (Europens) 14 Amerikaner (Americans Nord and South) 8 Afrikaner (Africans) 52 wren Frauen (Women) 48 wren Mnner (Men) 70 Nicht-Weie (Non-Whites) 30 Weie (Whites) 70 nicht Christen (Not Christians) 30 Christen (Christians) 89 heterosexuelle 11 homosexuelle 6 Personen wrden 59% des gesamten Weltreichtums besitzen und alle 6 Personen kmen aus den USA. Montesa-Honda opens the motor and is totally appears fused. You have given more than what nobody hoped, the sky is your place. Extra notes: Becky and I were unusual in that we had never ridden motorbikes before when we had the idea to ride one to India. At Usuaia I met my friend Seiji who are travelling for 5 years around the world with Honda. He woke up in the hospital and supposes today that somebody must have kicked him from the back. First Europe-Asia-overlanders who entered Vietnam with own bikes, Bernd Tesch knows !

- Unter dem Kommando von Sebastian de Elcano erreichten die beiden verbliebenen Schiffe über Nordborneo (Nordkalimantan) die Maluku (Molucken). SOUTH EAST ASIA: Crossed by air to Indonesia with my bike and by air to Singapore then toured in Malaysia - Thailand and back to Malaysia and Singapore - then ship to ASIA: India (Madtras) - Sri Lanka - North to Nepal - walked to Mount Everest base camp - back into India - then rode with Jean Claude Charras to Pakistan - no visa for China or Iran so flew to Amman in Jordan - rode to Syria - EUROPE: Alone back to Turkey - Greece - Italy - Austria - Hungary - Switzerland - France - Spain - France - Switzerland, Germany - Belgium - England again. Tina had a mc-accident and broke her leg in Ethiopia.