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Dating hofner
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A bolt-one single piece neck was used together with a bound rosewood fingerboard.Larger than the usual Hofner tuners for that era were fitted. My uncle – who worked in the mid ’90s in Passau, Germany – found this bass during a seasonal clearing out in his neighborhood in 1996.Introduced in late 1962 as the main two pickup bass for the UK market, it replaced the Hofner “Solid Bass” which was actually the European market Hofner 182 model.

The daughter of Walter Höfner, Gerhilde, began working for the company in the mid 1950s taking an active part in all aspects of management.

Her husband, Christian Benker, joined the company in 1963.

This company ceased trading in 2012 and distribution passed to Musical Distributors Group based in New jersey, USA.

Beatles guitarists George Harrison and John Lennon used Höfner electric guitars.

Mc Cartney used his 1963 bass almost exclusively during The Beatles' touring career, using his 1961 bass (which was repaired and refinished in 1964) as a backup.

Although by 1965 Mc Cartney had begun using a Rickenbacker bass in-studio, he did bring out his 1961 model for the "Revolution" promo film in 1968 and for the documentary Let It Be the following year.

During the shooting, however, the 1961 bass was stolen, and Mc Cartney used his newer Höfner for the remainder of the film, including the famous rooftop performance.

Mc Cartney has continued to use his 1963 Höfner extensively throughout his solo career and continues to use it today.

The Höfner company has always been responsible for much of its own distribution within Europe.

The exceptions to this have been: In 2005, Höfner's USA distribution was picked up by Chicago firm Classic Musical Instruments (CMI).

Harrison used a President model and a Club 40 early on in his association with the group.