Dating hjemmesider Lejre

Dating hjemmesider Lejre
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These must have been the halls of powerful magnates or kings.

This is thought to depict the god Odin enthroned in majesty between ravens.

Other sites of archaeological interest in the vicinity, long admired by visitors even when their nature was not well understood, are a Viking-Age cemetery that includes several ship settings, a great Iron Age cremation mound ("Grydehøj"), a number of tumuli that are mostly of Bronze Age date, and several Neolithic chamber graves, including one that in modern times has been known as "Harald Hildetandshøy".

87 Irene, Fredericia Distrikt 9 Midtjylland: Broderloge nr.

2, rhus Distrikt 10 Nordvestjylland: Broderloge nr.

8 Lyset, Aalborg Distrikt 12 Sydvestjylland: Broderloge nr.

13 Vesterhavet, Esbjerg Lejrforening Beershaba, Ribe Ssterloge nr.

91 Albert Schweitzer, Roskilde Broderloge Costa del Sol nr.

11 Gloria, Frederikssund Distrikt 4 Sydvestsjlland: Broderloge nr.

As for the Iron Age archaeological settlement complex unearthed since the 1980s, its two related parts span the period from about 550 to about 1000 AD, thus confirming the significance of this "land of legends" over a period of almost half a millennium, up to the time when Denmark was converted to Christianity and a new royal capital was established at what is now the cathedral city of Roskilde.

On account of its imposing monuments as well as its unusual surrounding terrain, Gammel Lejre has long been a focal point for antiquarian scholarship, a source of Danish national pride, and a source of fascination regarding Scandinavian prehistory.

4 Miriam, Nstved Distrikt 5 Storstrmmen: Broderloge nr.