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Dating Fredensborg
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The Castle has since become known throughout the world as “Hamlets Castle in Elsinore”.

There are few places in the world that are as richly surrounded by as much drama and history as Kronborg in Elsinore.

M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark The new maritime museum in Elsinore, designed by Denmark’s prize-winning architects BIG, built in a former dry dock.

The Chapel of the Orders was established in 1693-94 during the reign of Christian V, but earlier statutes for the Order of the Elephant dating back to 1679 had already required knights to send their coats of arms to the order’s secretary.The first volume of the armorial for the Order of the Elephant was created in 1690, and probably a few years earlier the first volume of the armorial for the Order of Dannebrog had been created.Visit Hamlet Scenen's website This book will guide you through Elsinore’s 800 years of history.From the time of the first church that was built in a small fishing village, through its heyday with the Sound Dues and Kronborg, which inspired Shakespeare to write Hamlet.Kronborg Castle was built in the early 1400’s, to collect dues of ships.

The old town centre with ancient cobbled streets and bourgeois houses can be perused on a cosy, guided tour.Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, recently spoke with Danish newspaper BT about her quick divorce from second husband Martin Jørgensen revealing he was not her true love. “There is no relationship.” The Countess was first reported to be dating Martin Jørgensen in mid-2005, and the pair was married on 3 March 2007 in Denmark. The Countess was married to Prince Joachim of Denmark for a decade, from 1995-2005. When it was taken, I was ready to move on,” said the Countess.An all-day experience You can probably see most of Kronborg in less than an hour or two. Just follow the ramp down to the old dry dock, that is located outside the entrance to the Castle.But there is enough to keep you busy for a half day; Visit the new M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, designed by the word-famous architects Bjarke Ingels Group and recommended by N. Also visit the Culture Yard and the monument HAN – all in walking distance from the cruise quay.A short train ride (departs every 20 minutes) takes you to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (works by Picasso, Warhol) and to Rungstedlund, home of Karen Blixen (a.k.a. The performance will involve international, world-class performers.