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The new construction will be located quite close to Usserød Stream, and in part this is why the project has taken a considerable amount of time, consideration, and several official hearings to finalize all of the agreements and permits with the authorities and neighbours.

Through the years Nordforbrænding has received significant attention from Danish and international media outlets, including the New York Times and BBC, which have wondered how an energy-from-waste plant could ever become an acceptable part of the townscape.

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Nordforbrænding is located in the middle of Hørsholm, a northern suburb of Copenhagen, and has been accepted by the neighbours as a good solution to waste management and energy supply.Nordforbrænding was relatively isolated when the plant was built in 1969.When installing an all new furnace line, the plant therefore takes the time to listen, make improvements to the project, and explain that it will result in an increased energy supply and a better local environment.The Nordforbrænding energy-from-waste plant is surrounded by lovely single-family houses, the Usserød Stream, green pathways, and is situated only two kilometers from Rungsted Strandvej, home to some of Denmark's most exclusive residences.Flue gas condensation will literally ensure that the steam will be removed from the flue gas before leaving the chimney.

This will help to increase the plant's energy recovery of waste from the current level of 70% to around 100%.

Olsen then pulls out a map of Europe that shows Denmark clearly has the most energy-from-waste plants per capita on the continent, with a total of 31 plants per 5.5 million inhabitants.

Germany, which comes in second, has 70 plants for over 80 million inhabitants.

Olsen once again emphasizes the neighbours' acceptance of the plant as he points to a house in an aerial photo of Nordforbrænding and the surrounding town. Brun, who lives here, celebrates her birthday and holds a garden party on a Saturday, we gladly close the gate to the waste hall to prevent any unpleasant odors from escaping." "That's something we would do for all our neighbours," says Annemette Geertinger, when asked what the plant would do if all their neighbours were to make a similar request.

The project manager knows what she is talking about; after all, she was the one responsible for meeting with neighbourhood groups, attending hearings, drawing up environmental reports, and maintaining a dialogue with organizations like The Danish Society for Nature Conservation.

This is due to the fact that plants abroad are generally built far from residential areas, which makes it difficult to sell the heat.