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Dating deal breakers from a matchmaker
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You also find that age difference isn’t as much of an issue in your late 20s.

You probably even prefer someone older because of their maturity.

Whatever the reason, taking someone out for a nice dinner is all the more difficult.

Comparing my own experiences to his, though, I found that as a 27 year old, single female my outlook on dating and love seriously differed from his.

Our conversation left me with a sense of curiosity about how dating differs across the generations.

What I concluded at the end of that conversation was this: no matter your age, dating can confound us all.

In one of our more recent conversations we talked about our own dating experiences and those of our friends.

If a relationship doesn’t work out, you rebound fairly quickly and move on to the next person.

In this regard, the rest of the dating world can learn a thing or two from you.This differs from your late 20s as people have started moving away, are in committed relationships, or are getting married and having kids.Hanging out with your friends becomes a less frequent activity and the idea of going out alone can be intimidating.I then enlisted the help of single men and women from their 20s up to their 60s to provide feedback on what they loved about dating at their age, what they didn’t like, lessons learned, and dating advice they could offer others. Your social circle in your early 20s is pretty wide.You’re likely still in touch with high school friends plus all the new ones you’re meeting at college: classmates, members of your sorority or fraternity, recreation league members, party-goers.You also find that once you start working full time, getting a solid 7-8 hours of sleep is far more appealing than partying mid-week until the wee hours of the morning.