Dating d Stevns Frauen kennenlernen hameln

Dating d Stevns
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Finn Ole Sonne, the chief archaeologist at Bornholm’s Museum, would not rule out the possibility that the enclosure on Stevns might reveal a similar find. Archaeologists have only had a chance to excavate it in 2016.

Although no sun temples have yet been found, a large quantity of arrowheads were, which archaeologist Lotte Sparrevohn from Kroppedal Museum suggests were used in ritual battles.

Archaeologists have found a large enclosure dating back to neolithic times at Rødvig on Stevns in eastern Zealand.

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This palisade seems to be roughly contemporary with the one in Stevns.

“I think I can see some similarities regarding the openings in the rows,” said Lotte Sparrevohn.

Several military facilities are now available to the public - including the significant Stevns Fortress with underground listenings installations.

And then Stevns is a mecca for birdwatchers, who come to Stevns to see the millions of migratory birds who each year passes over the area.

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Description: The spectacular Stevns Klint was admitted to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014 due to the sites geological characteristics.Still a mystery Up until now, Sloth’s team in Stevns has so far excavated only a small part of the enclosure, finding post-holes and a number of pits.The pits contained numerous flint flakes, and some also held ceramic sherds and axe fragments.Stevns Klint was last year visited by more than 115.000 visitors. The steep cliffs of chalk and limestone rises up to 40 meters above sea level on a stretch of over 16 kilometers.During the Cold War Stevns played an important role as NATO s strategic outpost to the east.There are many different suggestions as to what it could have been used for, but basically, we don’t know” Pernille Rohde Sloth, the archaeologist and leader of the excavation from Museum Southeast Denmark, told Here comes the sun In 1988, a large palisade construction was found on Vasagårds Mark at the southern end of Bornholm, and within the enclosed space was a sun temple complete with sun symbols.