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Dating 50 plus Frederikssund
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Of course prices change so often, that you should check the official DSB site for exact prices. You must be at 16 years old to have one and the pass has a min travel period of 30 days and max of 360 days.Below are several monthly Denmark rail passes which are pretty much the same except for a couple of minor exceptions. All these public transportation passes are valid on city trains, buses and metro in Copenhagen Hovedstaden area.There is a similiar type Denmark rail pass if you travel alot throughout the country. You again decide on which routes you want your pass.

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If you only make 24 trips / 12 round trips on a klippekort you have paid as much as a monthly pass.

Buying a single 2 zone ticket at 24 kr would allow you 15 one way trips before a pass would pay off. On the other hand if you are traveling every workday and a few times on the weekends and night, it could easily add up to 60 trips per month.

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There are a lot of different Denmark Rail Pass options for both residents, expats and tourists.

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The Periodekort is probably the best Denmark rail pass and most common pass.

You can get yourself a monthly pass that is good for at least 30 days or up to 365 if needed. The longer the time the cheaper per day, but also more money upfront.

You have to cross at least one travel zone to get this pass. You can share the pass with as many people as you like. Exception: Two children under 16 can travel on one pass. This is another Denmark Rail pass which is directly linked to the company you work for.

Your company can sign up for the Work Plus scheme and than their employees save up to 50% off their travel.

For example you can not choose Zone 1 and zone 30, since you would have to travel through zone 2 to reach the other zone.