Date side Christiansø

Date side Christiansø
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The other large wooden-framed Empire windows were added around 1850.The three lower storeys of the tower were built in the 16th century in the same material as the nave.

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The many decorations on the north gallery include Elijah in a chariot of fire, Job and his friends, Moses with the tablets of law Jesus walking on the water, and Paul's shipwreck.The latter is particularly appropriate for the fishing port of Nexø where the dangers of the sea are well known.In the absence of records, it is difficult to date the building precisely, although it appears to have been established at the end of the Middle Ages, initially as a chapel for seafarers.Indeed, it was dedicated to St Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors.The night before the UK Team had prepared a channel blocker from Wales to Morecambe Bay to avoid any surprises.

In Denmark the lines were closer together so the agents adopted a cautious approach so as not to arouse suspicions.

On the Day in question we started the main job of clearance early.

The Swedish team had set up some guard blockers on Friday.

We decided to delay the Op and review the field plan until at least until the Aarhus anomaly was finished.

The Implementation: I worried that with 2 Scandinavian anomalies and a busy summer that the Danish and Swedish Resistance would be approaching burnout.

Operation Hardrada - Main Sitrep Date 25th/26th Of October(apologies everyone for the delay)This Viking king wanted to rule England as well as Scandinavia. As a Viking of the old school his methods of uniting them were rather crude and bloody, We wanted to liberate a large amount of MU to show how Resistance agents from these countries can work together to free minds from shaper influence with not a Axe or longboat in sight.