Cloverton hallelujah christmas single

Cloverton hallelujah christmas single
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—ZS, 2008): Imagine Jeff Buckley was a Spanish member of an “operatic pop” vocal quartet thrown together by Simon Cowell.

A truly bizarre marathon interpretation that is so entertaining it is worth hearing. Fadi Peter (You Tube performance, 2014): One of the great indignities of writing a song as memorable (and singable) as “Hallelujah” is that people use it to hang all kinds of stuff on.

Like this Christmas carol version (“The shepherds left their flocks by night/To see this baby wrapped in light”), which must have surprised the Zen Jew Cohen. —SE, 2014): An entirely adept acoustic take from a largely anonymous 16-year-old singer with a smoky voice from Ware, England.

—ZS contestants, so it’s curious to hear it back in the hands of an aging male vocalist.

Accompanied by a clean electric guitar, Diamond’s recording is unadorned and largely unremarkable, though there’s some grace in its absence of fluff.

Cohen’s lyrics, meanwhile, are all too biting and bemused for this sort of soaring majesty.

—ZS, 2014): From what little information exists online, this is exactly what it purports to be: an acoustic, pared-to-its-essence “Hallelujah” intended to lull your newborn into a non-screaming state. You hear those piano arpeggios and think it’s another uselessly uninventive “Hallelujah” until the vocals pop in and you realize the little girl on the album cover is not a ruse—she’s the one singing, and a quick bio reveals she was indeed born in 2002.But the melody—and the slow-building majesty of it all—is an awkward stylistic match at best.—ZS): Performing at Cohen’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, the Irish folk singer competently if clumsily injects drama into the song where it already exists.Interestingly, Diamond changes up the vocal melody of the chorus but sticks to Cohen’s 1984 lyric sheet.—ZS, 2011): Here’s an odd (albeit interesting) one.—ZS, 2012): An Adam Sandler parody of “Hallelujah” sounds unfunny enough.