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A lot of people give me what I call the “caveman” look.

In addition, the voice-to-text capabilities of Google Glass are very impressive.

You can actually post and share text to social networks by voice alone. Is it useful for content marketers, brands, and advertisers? Google Now can be thought of as Google Glass’s brain.

And I’ve been a fan of hammerhead sharks ever since Momaw Nadon’s cameo in the original . Well, in the beginning, only a select few were entertained by slow-loading, grainy information and pixelated images. “You mean, like, I could talk to a stranger in Singapore?

” “Yes.” “I do believe that is terrible.” It’s safe to say I’ve gotten over that anxiety, but a recent development has caused some of it to reemerge … And since we’re on the subject of Google, how much attention should we give Google ?

Is Google still the best social media platform for content marketers?

Yes, I do think it’s the best platform for content marketers.Kids love it, and generally most people are awed by the prospect of having the equivalent of an i Phone strapped to your face. Vic Gundotra (the man behind Google ) is no longer with Google. We’re going to see continued use of the platform throughout Google’s other products and services.Would you recommend Google to content marketers who aren’t currently using it?Google Glass will literally make you see some things differently in terms of data overlays in the physical world and ergonomics. The only people who seem to be jaded about it are folks who haven’t tried it and those who perceive it as a threat to privacy, which is actually a non-issue when compared to other things people have commonly accepted in their lives, such as biometrics and airport full-body scanning machines.The bottom line is that Google Glass is for everybody, and in a way it’s like a reinvention of the Internet.Do you think Google Glass will play an important role in content marketing?