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With a population of approximately 1.2 million people the city is renowned for its high level of safety, eco-friendly buildings, excellent transport system and most importantly its warm and welcoming people.

It’s a different matter in parks and open spaces, where it seems that beagle owners are the only ones who pay attention to dogs on leash signs.And the few dog parks are packed with over-excited dogs getting a rare social fix – a stressful environment with a fight just waiting to happen.The first day of the congress is devoted to a local programme presenting highlights in recent developments in transfusion medicine in the five Nordic countries.However, the language will be English so feel free to join!I got into walking as a ‘cultural activity’ after our first dog moved in.

He’s now eight and a bit, joined two years later by a little brother. The writer walking the dog describes dog walking thus: We have a repertoire of five walks which can be extended or reduced depending on the season (our routes on the coldest and hottest days of the year are practically identical), a beagle-scale interpretation of the 30 minute walk round the block.For her “a surfeit of slow walkers and loiterers” is a hindrance, for Fred “it’s social; it’s kind of getting a sense of something.” Alexandra also revisits the territory of her earlier Inside of a dog.Most dog walks are done to allow the ‘animal’ to pee or to get exercise – just as most human walks are done to get from a to b in the quickest time possible. Walking with Pumpernickel means seeing the world through her choices, the subjects of her attention and what she balks at or lunges towards.I would like to sincerely thank everyone that has been working very hard in the background to make this congress a success, with special thanks to the local organising committee, scientific secretary, staff at ISBT Central Office and our congress organising partners MCI-Amsterdam.I look forward to welcoming all of you in Copenhagen and when the time comes to depart I am sure we will all leave with a bit of Danish “hygge” and a longing to return to this beautiful country.So we tend to walk solo on our own particular kind of drift, with the twin inspirations of John Zeaman’s Dog walks man, a unique combination of doggy memoir and psychogeography, and suggestion 15 of the Lonely Planet guide to experimental travel: In On looking Alexandra Horowitz, psychologist and animal behaviourist (plus owner of “two large, non-heeling dogs”) describes how she was inspired by walking with her dog Pumpernickel to consider how her daily journeys could be done better.