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Bedste danske dating sider Fredericia
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“the Efficiency OWL” with many years experience from ‘The Great and Ugly’ is going to tell you all about efficiency improvements of public workflows, applying IT – Niels is especially passionate about BI-related solutions.

We care about our customers success providing them with state of the art technology to uncover savings opportunities and implement consistent spend management improvements.We offer procurement analysis solutions based on your business needs.Further and not least, it has significantly increased the efficiency of analyzing required for tenders.Assens Kommune has been part of a project with bubo CONTRACT.My expectation with bubo INVOICE was to achieve a tool, providing KAB with overview of more than 300 divisions/procurement officers spend. Now, with a few cliques we can easily and fast establish an overview of both the individual divisions’ procurement and the individual vendors’ sales. The reporting functionalities with automatic dispatch option to requested entities with individual information, relative to the organizational level (i.e. The development opportunities and this specific focus in relation to strategic procurement and the system users needs. Your dedication to the system with a high degree of professionalisme, passion and engagement, and the fact that you are available 24-7 via e-mail and phone.

Further we can very easily create an overview of our contracts fulfillment, in total as well as in the individual division Why we chose the system? The system is very intuitive and easily creates an overview of the data.

We experience a very good sparring and fast support from Bubo Bubo.

Further we are met with courtesy when uploading of finance data, e-business information, requesting help for reports creation etc.

Our specialities are: BI, Business Intelligence, Spend Management, Analyzes, Spend Visibility, Category Management, Contract Management, Baseline Management, Compliance, Performance Surveillance, Forecasting, Reporting, Management Information, Data Cubes, Dashboard, OLAP, Benchmark, Sourcing, Procurement, e-business and webshops.

We strive for perfect data quality, being the foundation for successful procurement.

Now we thought was time for us (2 guys) to challenge a strongly consolidated market: on one side:the systems market (thousonds of staff, private aircraft hangar with jets and helicopters) and on the second side Consulting: a huge number of small, midsized, and large companies, all hunting business in the public sector as consequnce of the financial crises and following closure of the privat sector. No interest in “Gregersen & Petersen” – out of fear of disappearing in the crowd. There was something like an eagleowl in English language… Further Wikipedia informed the Latin name of the owl as ‘bubo’ and of the subspecies ‘eagleowl’ also bubo. OIO is exactly the electronic data format,mandatory for all vendors invoicing of public customers.