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100 gratis dating sider Helsingør
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Complete your visit to Amalienborg Palace square – step inside Amalienborg and experience royal life past and present.

Amalienborg Museum presents the private interiors of the most recent kings and queens and an exhibit on the monarchy today with its many traditions.

You can view collections of Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman art as well as Danish and French paintings and sculptures of the 19th and 20th century.

Travel 100 years back in time when World War 1 took place in Denmarks neighbouring countries.Explore the many surprising stories, when you go back to a time when Denmark is on the brink of War.Take a trip to Køge Museum and enjoy an experience you'll never forget.Meet the two young deckhands Jens and Pelle, who died along with 600 others when the warship Dannebroge blew up in 1710 and sank with everyone on board.ARKEN Museum of Modern Art in Ishøj, south of Copenhagen, boasts exhibitions with the greatest Modernist artists alongside exhibitions of contemporary art - from new, young talent to established artists.

The boat service (Baadfarten) sails on four lakes: Lyngby Sø, Bagsværd Sø, Furesøen and Vejlesø, and on River Mølleå in scenic surroundings.North Atlantic House is an art center where you can encounter North Atlantic culture, research and business.Here, people from the North Atlantic, Denmark, and the rest of the world meet and inspire one another The Ordrupgaard Collections contain one of Northern Europe's finest collections of 19th and 20th century French art, represented by masters such as Delacroix, Corot, Courbet, Degas, Renoir, Monet, Cézanne, Gauguin, and Matisse RAGNAROCK is a new national, historical museum and cultural greenhouse in Roskilde, which focuses on music and youth culture.The exhibition is made of interactive and digital installations, which activates almost all senses.This 400-year-old castle is home to some of Denmark’s greatest treasures.Denmark is fighting for its neutrality to avoid being drawn into war.